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Create professional Instagram stories with this free service


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More and more platforms are involved in the inclusion of stories in their characteristics, as well as in their administration. Regarding managing storytelling, there are already services that have emerged in order to strengthen this section, enabling planning from generation to release of content, as is the case with Mish Guru.

However, today we will present a free service that will help you get a more professional finish in your stories: Buffer Stories Creator.

Create professional stories with Buffer Stories Creator

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Stories have become fun and productive for the various platform users they make. If it's in the personal field, users update their profiles and record their daily moments. For its part, from the field of marketing is the perfect means to attract potential customers and inform the director. So, having great images and design for this section is very important and you can do it with Buffer Stories Creator.

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The service is free and it consists of a number of formatting tools that allow you to create images that fit perfectly into Instagram or Facebook stories. In that sense, you just need to follow this link to see the whole field of work. In principle, you can see a series of predefined templates with a fairly professional finish, which you can quickly use. However, it is also possible to create your own stove from the scratch by loading the background image.

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When a template or background image is selected, you can select the color with which the publication will be combined. Also, there is a possibility to load your brand logo and place it inside the image. As for the text, you can differentiate what you write with the options: "title" for the title; "Body" for the body of the message and "title" for the foot of the image.

At the end of the release you can download the picture or publish it directly from Buffer on Instagram or on Facebook. Buffer Studio Creator is a very useful tool if you want to create stories with a professional ending for your brand.

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