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Cristiano Ronaldo: The Portuguese spent $ 35,000 on dinner with his family

14 November 2018 21: 20h.

Luxury Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo did not have any problems spending $ 35,000 on a family dinner where he tasted the finest grilled meat and drank the most expensive wine in the world.

Using the remainder in Juventus without specifying Portugal's selection, Christian Ronaldo He traveled to London with his family and attended the O2 Arena for the match between Novak Djokovic and John Isner for the ATP finals.

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There he enjoyed the ballet performance at the Royal Opera House and stayed at the hotel "Bulgari", where the room can cost $ 11.3 thousand per night.

After that, he went to Scott's bar in Maifair with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, their children and a group of friends, and bought a Richebourg Grand Cru bottle worth 23.3 trillion dollars, the most expensive wine in the world, according to the published Sun.

"Harvesting, from the Burgundy region of France, is so rare that it is not on the menu or offered to regular guests," the portal in English said.

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Then Cristiano Ronaldo He continued in 1982 with Pomerol Petrus, which costs $ 11.6 thousand.

One of the bar workers spoke to the Sun and gave details of the stay in Portugal.

"It was the first birthday of his daughter, Alan Martine. Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina marked the opportunity with style. His group went in and left the Scott in just over 15 minutes. They were not reserved and only shook and sat in the bar. They took around glass and half a glass each before they ran out to see some tennis, "he said.

"They did not even finish the second bottle, but the account was $ 35,000, it was just a little change for Ronald, he did not blink, but he talked about the restaurant all night," the worker finished.

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