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Criterion collaborates on Battlefield June

Electronic Arts makes it clear that this does not mean that Criterion Games will set aside the Need for Speed ​​saga.

Image belonging to Need for Speed ​​Heat.Image belonging to Need for Speed ​​Heat.

We haven’t been in 2021 for three months and there are already several announced game delays; and those to come. It is now Electronic arts which has revealed its plans with the next installment of Need for Speed, confirming that it is postponing a year since its release. It looks like the company has other sights, and they will put on Criteria games, Specialists in driving games, to support IUDs for the development of the next installment of Battlefield, which will arrive later this year.

It’s not the first time Criterion has worked on a Battlefield alongside IUDSince EA have wanted to calm fans by saying that neither the franchise is in danger nor do they plan to withdraw from the Need for Speed ​​project in the aforementioned Criterion studio, who regained the license after the latest games developed by Ghost Games. Laura Miele, EA’s director of studies, has given Polygon the main reasons. The pandemic situation would have made it difficult for the game to develop this year. In addition, the recent Codemasters purchase makes EA already have the speed game quota covered; so it indicates that this is a “rational decision.”

“The team has been working very hard and the development of Battlefield is shaping up very well, although it is being very hard to have to play games from home and they are [el estudio] a little tired. we have great game and incredible potential“And we’re working to launch a great Battlefield game,” says Laura Miele.

Criterion will continue with Need for Speed

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The board has also wanted to calm fans down, especially after they have been announced several recent cancellations in EA, With Anthem Next or Gaia. “We couldn’t make that decision without talking to Criterion before. They’ve worked on Star Wars Battlefront and some Battlefields; they have a close collaboration with IUD and I’m sure it’s a positive move for them.” It should be remembered that they were key piece in Firestorm, the battle royale of Battlefield V.

EA insists that despite the delay, Criterion will remain at the forefront of NFSReferring to Criterion, Miele says that “they are the owners of the Need for Speed ​​franchise, so they managed the remastering, everything related to the saga goes over them to make sure they agree,” while emphasizes that the study will return to work in the next NFS, Indicating that they will neither remove it nor give the mark to Codemasters. He also confirmed that “the Need for Speed ​​will also be released to current and previous generations of PlayStation and Xbox.”

Statements that match what she herself recently said Laura Honey in an interview, assuring that his studios have the decisions to continue their franchises. Another piece of news we’ve learned recently is that Dragon Age 4 will be just an individual experience; without multiplayer.

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