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D & Onofrio and De la Vega dagger – 11/18/2013


With only 17 years and seven games in the First Division, with their stories about exemplary students, with their personal property and a class for playing football, Pedro de la Vega has turned into something more than a pleasant look in Argentine football. And the call for the Mirtha Legrand program is an indisputable proof of that.

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Pedro De La Vega and the day that River did not give him a pension

There, the child Luis Zubeldia debuted in Lanus He met Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, which was eloquent, very eloquent with small jewels that lost the quarry of millionaires. "I have a problem with Pedro, haha, I had a dagger in my heart … The day of his tears in that game with River, I asked this guy, I said" he's a great player "and someone came from the club and told me" I I will give you the worst news: it is tested on the river. "A terrible pain."

De La Vega was crying when he was replaced by River.

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The crying was when River lost Lansus 5-1 in the Superleague, a picture that turned. And the regret of the president of the club Nunez has a specific reason. De la Vega explained this.

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"It was like that," Pepo replied after the D & # 39; Onofria confession. I was one year at the river tournament. I lived in Olavarria, I played and returned because I was a kid and I did not encourage me to come and live in Buenos Aires, my family. I did it for a year, next year I had to go and I did not dare. Then, in 2015, I was determined to stay in Buenos Aires, but when I left – for different things – I did not stay and did not give me a pension. Was that an excuse? Maybe they told me it was complete. It could have been an excuse, because when they want you, I think they're taking you. But, hey, there was a moment. And Lanus accepted me from the youth. "

De la Vega above Maiada, in the Lanus River 1 (the PRENSA River)

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On Saturday evening evening, while De La Vega said he missed the goal, Dino Onofrio repeated his request to enjoy the Libertadores final: "We need to reduce the message that this is not a war".

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