Monday , October 18 2021

Dengue in Chaco: There are three probable cases, eleven in study and three indeterminate ones


In addition, while 11 cases are under study (patients who have a negative test but require another test) and three indeterminates.


As established by the protocol, in response to each case that was notified, the focus block actions were carried out, which included: an operation of risky action and environmental sanitation in the area, active fever and febrile activity promotion and awareness.

Particularly in suspicious cases with a history of travel and cases with an undetermined laboratory result, fumigation was added to the area in question.


Given the viral circulation in some provinces of the north of the country, those who are planning to travel to an area with presence of Zika, dengue or chikungunya it is recommended:

  • Avoid exposure to the open air during the first hours of the morning and at night (the hours of increased mosquito activity);
  • Use clear long-sleeved clothes and long pants if outdoor activities are carried out;
  • Use spirals or repellent tablets;
  • Keeping care with babies and children;
  • Use repellents on the exposed skin and renew its application according to the indications of the container and spray also the clothes with repellent so that the mosquitos can crush through the pieces of fine cloth.

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