Sunday , October 2 2022

Did Pampita send messages to Pico for Fandino?


On Saturday, Pico Monaco talked with you in a bowl with Soledad Fandin, also a single, and immediately there were rumors about the romantic. The former tennis player quickly denied the versions on Twitter, but, of course, they went to look the same way to ask which wave.

"Absolutely nothing happens. It was a conversation in a public place, as I can have with everyone who was in the VIP night club … It's the lie we've been kissing," Pico said, always friendly, when addressed in. But then they asked him if "Pampita told you something about this?" Did he send you a message? "

"I do not understand the note, I tell you that I have nothing to do with Fandin. I'm speaking for myself, not for others," Pico felt uncomfortable …

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