Saturday , March 6 2021

Did the wave come back? Susana shared the greeting of Facundo Moyano | Show diary

With the arrival of his 75 years, Susana Giménez Celebrate this very special date in family and from the United States. As expected, the diva received hundreds of messages from her colleagues, friends and followers who worship.

Among all of them there was a special and she decided to share in her Instagram: The de Facundo Moyano. With the brief "happy meet"The political leader accompanied the greeting with a photo of them smiling at a party.

Did the return between Susana and Facundo? In repeated occasions, a possible romance of the conductor was told with the gremialista, although no one clarified the one hundred by the way its relation.

At the time Susana clarified that he did not have one matter with the current national deputy. But Facundo left doubtful to several when at the table of the lady Mirtha Legrand He talked about what happened to him "his".

"It seems to me a very intelligent woman and she also praised my political career very much, so I also feel privileged"Moyano said.

In the news, Moyano returned with his ex-girlfriend, Eva Bargiela and he could see very cuddly on the beach.

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