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Diego Reinhold left a cell phone and complained to spend on naphtha and toll

Diego Reinhold An interview for the magazine was forgotten Florence of the V, Because they were asked for his scandalous step by "Showmatch" and he did not want to answer. In response, He left the cellphone and even complained about travel expenses to the place.

in Villa Carlos Paz, The actor was invited to produce "Flower of afternoon" (Ciutat Magazine) to analyze the theatrical season. But the rapporteur "Pampito" Perello Aciar I started investigating Reinhold's involvement in Dancing 2014

"It was a controversial year for you, you were very much in the storm's eye, so I ask," the journalist said right away, when he saw that there was no interviewer on the part of the interviewee answer

"But polemic why?", He interrupted the comedian. "Because you were fighting with everyone. You fought with Nacha (Guevara), with Ángel (De Brito). That is why I say", the speaker answered.

Diego Reinhold left a live cell phone and complained to spend on naphtha and toll

Notably angry, the humorist faced the members of the niche cycle: "Ui, what heavy, boys"He threw Then, Diego Reinhold took his return and left the cell phone without saying anything.

From Mar del Plata, where he starred in the musical "Buen argentino", conductor Flor de la V intervened in a serious tone: "Boys, what happened? Two minutes that I neglected and you take someone from my cellphone" Pampito! ".

The surprise came awry, when Diego Reinhold returned to his cell phone, though to complain. "I spent 400 pesos of gasoline and toll to come here. So no, guys, it's already. I came here to treat me well"He expressed the actor.

"We did not treat it badly, we asked. If there is something I do not like, it's disrespectful people on television. I try not to be it and my motto is that everything can be asked as long as it is respectful and the other one answers what he wants "Pampito concluded.

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