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Discussions, scandals and uncomfortable silences: the fights of Nicolás Cabré with his peers over the years


He is almost 39 years old, 29 of career and dozens of successes in which he dazzled his humorous facet. Nicolás Cabré He is a historian who eventually developed a great career that accompanied him with unforgettable characters.

father of Rufina -fruit of your relationship with China Suarez– and in pairs with Laurita FernándezLittle is known about the personal life of those who on February 6 will celebrate their anniversary. He tries to preserve his privacy and has said so since he began offering interviews in which he tries to talk only about his work commitments.

Unlike what is seen on the screen, or on the stage, the actor cultivates a low profile, is serious, silent and little interacts with your co-workers. This was how different personalities collided and caused some short-circuits with different colleagues over the years.

Mariano Martínez and Nicolás Cabré They lived two stages together: they were the unforgettable brothers Marquesi a they are loves (2002-2004) and then shared a cast on the unique ones (2011-2012). And both were different experiences for both, as each one explained at the time.

"When we started they are lovesWe were like a nail and meat, we were all along together. We shared dinners, wines and we were crapped to laugh together. We also came out pretty dancing. Then, in the middle of the program, by immaturity and things of life, we distanced ourselves, "explained Alejandro Fantino at that time.

Mariano Martínez spoke of the conflicts he had with Nicolás Cabré (Video: "Loose Animals", America)

How was it to work with Cabré in these circumstances? "With Nico there is something that is generated only when we work. But We were six months without speaking in full success. You do not know what it was to record in an act a scene, deadly silence. Action Called & # 39; And we started with all our morisches, funny. And when they said, "total silence."", Explained.

He then explained what Adrián Suar – director of Pol-ca, producer of fiction – had to intervene in the discussion of the actors. "Adrián He grabbed us, we had a talk and we rattled. We returned better in the second year but we are not friends, We do not join lunch. It was a subject of immaturity. Nico's respect is a good guy and perhaps the best actor of comedy of his generation. "

"We were with the last essays before making The Unique at the Opera House. There was a page and a half of the script in which my character did not say anything. I had no action. Then I proposed to (the director) Marc Carnevale that my character left the scene. He told me yes, that he spoke with Cristian, the pointing point. And as on this page and a half there was a sandwich, I told him that I could tell it Nico Vázquez. But it seems that Cristian forgot to warn, and next day, this scene came and I went. All one had to say this, everyone watched and did not find me …", Explained the actor this week.

Arnaldo André revealed why he argued with Cabré (Video: "Intrusos", America)

"Here it was when I explained that I was not going to be in this part. He took it and told me what I thought, that I was going to be able to decide everything I would like. I said it badly. In front of everyone. And it was gone. Obviously I did not stay silent. This bothered me a lot. It seemed to me a lack of respect because he was not right, and although he was right, I should have said at another time, for respect to me. I said it in a bad tone", It continued.

This was the argument that Arnaldo André himself explained that he had made a card in which he had a countdown to stop working with his partner: "They were two months in the Opera and I had a card in which he indicated how much was needed to finish. It looked like a prisoner. I felt very bad It was a very unpleasant experience".

He also explained the pain that caused him Eugenia Tobal He separated from him when he married Cabré: "We were very friends. After her wedding, Eugenia was no longer the same. Her hats were no longer the same. I felt that I had taken my friend off, I think that's what most hurt me".

Nicolás Vázquez and Nicolás Cabré they shared the cast of My friends always (2014) and before the Thirteen fiction finishes, the actors had a strong crossing in which he also participated Gonzalo Heredia.

"I respect a lot as an actor and as a partner, but we both know we could never be friends. We are very different! Water and oil. I was arriving and started "Good morning, equipment, how are you walking?" Let's take a mattress & # 39; And he is quieter, takes sunbathing. & I'm going to record & # 39 ;. We are different, "he exemplified.

"With me Nicolás has always been very professional. When we had a few kilometers, I will say it badly and soon, and he knows it, we have located it with Gonzalo Heredia", Explained the husband of Gimena Accardi.

Nico Vázquez spoke of the day that "placed" Nicolás Cabré next to Gonzalo Heredia (Video: "Intrusos", America)

He also emphasized the good attitude that both had when reuniting in the midst of tragic events such as the death of the father of Cabré and his brother. "I had problems with Nicolau. We got back from another place when his father passed … Boys, life is this. And when Santi's (his brother) happened."

"The energy one puts always pushes forward, but not all of them put the same", Said the actor at the time. Later, when they asked him again about the scandal, he made clear the tenor of the fight.

"In my neighborhood they showed me that the things that happen to the track are on the track. There is nothing more than that. It would be very coward to tell on television what really happened. There were two people who managed to teach me how. So it is already, that's fine, "said Heredia.

"To speak of Nicolás Cabré, I prefer to talk about soybean cultivation in South Africa, By Jean-Paul Sartre or from Argentine contemporary literature, or from basil oil. I am much more entertained, "ironically in another interview, the actor and husband of Brenda Gandini.

"I do not provoke or do social networking games. The others do whatever they want. If something is not right, I'm not following it anymore. Promoting is publishing something before it happens. If you ask this photo in private on a day after the chapter, you are not promoting anything because it already happened. If you do this kind of thing behind and provocative that say pavadas al pepe, you will be in charge. You live that then make good looks"Said the then jury of the Dancing 2018.

After a call – which was not in good standing, Flor ended up erasing photos of social networks but the scandal continued until the end of the Thirteen fiction. "I did not like his attitude as a man. I do not know who is lying. If Lau or him. The only thing I want to do is to make my job. Luckily, everybody knows the truth. All of my colleagues are on my side"Said the actress.

Slightly inclined to public interviews, Nicolás Cabré spoke very rarely on the subject and he always supported his current girlfriend and criticized the attitude of his then partner in the list: "There are things I speak privately. I do not share certain ways. There are new ways to make television and promote that I do not share. What I had to talk about I talked about where I have to speak. "

Flor Vigna spoke of the bad experience he had with Cabré (Video: "The show's specialists", El Tretze)

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