Sunday , October 17 2021

EDEN cut the light on the SanCor plant for no payment

The Sancor plant located on National Route N 5 is without activity because of a power failure due to lack of payment. The cessation of the service, registered about 10 days ago, left the plant inoperative.

RAÓ confirms the interruption of the service for a debt that reached 4 million pesos. From the company EDEN, the service will be notified in time and form, but when the payment was not made, the service was interrupted.

Representatives of Adecoagro, the company's head office located on Route N 5, will be close to the offices located in the corner of Moreno and Belgrano to advise on debt and ways to settle it.

Lamentably the power outage not only caused no activity but also stored products will have lost the cold chain.

They will also cut off the gas service.


It is the company linked to financial magnate George Soros, who started in 2002 in Argentina with the purchase of the fields of Prez Companc (Pecom Agropecuaria).

Today, the company, based in Luxembourg, owns 290,000 hectares of fields in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, operates in the agro-industrial segment of rice and sugar cane, and in The last year (2010) billed about $ 300 million.

In the history of the company, a milestone was the purchase of Pilag, a traditional Argentine firm, with which not only were they made more field, but two rice mills on the coast.

Other important purchases were that of La lacti SA, which allowed them to produce (4,600 cows) and the industrialization of milk, that of Agroinvest and that of sugar mills in Brazil.

The assets of this company are made up of 21 camps in Argentina, 15 in Brazil and 2 in Uruguay. Three rice mills and seven plants for stacking in Argentina; 2 coffee plants and 2 sugar and ethanol mills in Brazil, the latter with a processing capacity of 5.2 million tonnes. 84% of the hectares are in our country, while Brazil is 13% and Uruguay is the remaining 3%.

With this portfolio, business units appear quite well defined.

A) granary production, with a clear leadership of the Argentine operation.

B) Rice, also based on Argentina, with a production around 100,000 tonnes.

C) Caf, based on the Brazilian state of Baha and with irrigation application.

D) Milk, with 4,600 cows in production, in a stable system (in Venado Tuerto), the first in South America. In 2009 they produced 47.5 million liters of milk, an average of 28.3 liters per day each.

I) Cattle breeder. They carry it out in Argentina on leased fields for periods of 10 years. They also have two feedlots.

F) Sugar cane. The business is located in Mina Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sule, in Brazil. In this last state is Angelica, the last generation mill of the company, which has a capacity of 4 Mt, on a total installed of 5.2 million tonnes.

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