Friday , February 26 2021

Eight positive and in "delicate" state | Confirm …

A new case of hantavirus was confirmed in Chacabuco, province of Buenos Aires. The director of Epidemiology of Buenos Aires, Iván Insúa, reported that the affected person is a 20-year-old boy from the locality of Buenosairean Rawson, who is in a "delicate" state and intends to be in intensive therapy from the hospital Muñiz, from the city of Buenos Aires. Thus, there are already a total of eight of the cases of hantavirus registered in the territory of Buenos Aires.

Last weekend, the young man had attended the medical office of his village because he had symptoms compatible with those of hantavirus such as high fever, asthenia, decay, joint pains and mumps. The doctors told him a symptomatic treatment and they sent him home. Two days later, the young man returned with 40 ° of temperature and the same pain. In view of this scenario, it was decided to refer the patient to the health center of Chacabuco to undergo it in several studies.

Upon learning of the case, the municipality's Health Area warned that it was highly probable that it was "the disease transmitted by the mouse." Before receiving the diagnosis, the Secretary of Government, Ignacio Orsini, organized a press conference along with the epidemiologist Gabriela Agüero; the director of Health, Yésica Berterame; the secretary of Health, Julián Serritella, and the director of Bromatology, Rosana Navone. "We want to announce the appearance of a possible case of hantavirus in the town of Rawson," informed Orsini, who later gave details of the case and the measures to take.

Berterame explained that the province of Buenos Aires is "an endemic area of ​​hantavirus" and, before suspicion, the authorities gave the warning. "It is our obligation," he assured. The official added that "neither did we have the results, we isolate the patient and take precautions, we called Epidemiology and Emergencia Sanitaria La Plata, so we got a bed at Muñiz Hospital and we refer to the patient." At the moment, the young person is in the Intensive Therapy Unit.

Members of the bromatology team have already started inspection and ratication tasks in Rawson. As reported, the young man would not have been exposed to the contagion: he was not in sheds, sweeping or hunting hares, as happened in previous cases. "It is necessary to make an exhaustive analysis of the house of the young person and his surroundings, to control the vector, we must control the environment, our task is not to go over the mouse but above all what can be a refuge , so work is done with the Environment and Public Services to try to minimize the proliferation of rodents, "said Navone.

In the past year, there were eight cases of hantavirus in the province of Buenos Aires, in the towns of Sant Pere, Zárate, Navarro, San Andrés de Giles, Berisso, Llops and Castelli, of # 39 where was the woman who died in the Silver. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of registered cases is "within the usual parameters" for this time of year. The health authorities have also specified that the virus is transmitted from mouse to person, unlike the outbreak of Epuyén, which, in addition, can be transmitted between people.

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