Saturday , September 24 2022

Energy climbs up to 4.8% and drives Merval, who in eight days achieved his seventh rise


Energy sector stocks are rising steadily on Thursday and fueling the Merval index, who won the seventh in the past eight days.

The lead panel advanced by 0.4% to 31,535 units. Promotions are being led by Transportadora de Gas del Norte (+ 4.8%); Metrogas (+ 4.7%); i Central Puerto (+ 3.2%).

To that extent, the Argentine actions quoted in Vall Street operate without homogeneous tendencies this Thursday, within days that show little change on the New York Stock Exchange.

The most significant rise in the day is recorded by ADRs IRSA commercial real estate (+ 4.8%); Central port (+ 2.9%); and Pampa Energia (+ 2.9%). In the meantime, banks earn up to 2.5%.

On the other hand, the losses of that day were staged Free market (-5.5%); Cresud (-4.4%); and Edenor (-2.3%).


In the segment of fixed income of the main bonds of the dollar (which are stated in the pesos) they operate with the majority of the increase, despite the further decrease of the US currency on the wholesale exchange market.

Among the most commonly agreed, Bonar 2024 adds 0.3%; Bonar for 2020, 0.4%; Bonar 2018; ONE 0.05%; while Discount according to Argentinean law was stable.

In the end, the country's risk again exceeded 600 points, one day after Fitch reduced the chances of Argentina's debt rating to be negative due to the weak economy and the uncertain prospect of fiscal consolidation in the following years.

Thus, the index measured by JP Morgan has grown nine units to 606 basis points, after touching the smallest level

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