Monday , October 18 2021

Epic Games will launch early Fortnight's 7.30 update, which will include enough performance improvements in Switch –


Epic Games, The famous developer of FortniteYou have recently shared some of the new features that will include the next update 7.30 of the game.

Well, this update will come soon in Battle Royale It will include, among other things, significant improvements in performance of the version for Nintendo Switch. We leave you all the relevant news below:

  • You have assigned the video game to a more efficient "memory host", thus improving performance by avoiding strikes and blocks due to lack of memory.
  • Reduction of load times of buildings.
  • Increase the size of the textures grouping to 100 MB, thus reducing blurred textures.
  • Increase in resolution thanks to improvements in GPU performance.
  • The number of cosmetics that can be seen on the screen is doubled, thanks to the increase in free memory.

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