Thursday , October 28 2021

Everything you should do before "abandon" your smartphone


"Use the cellphone with responsibility", Advised the computer security specialist Arturo Busleiman when at TN Techno Let's review the signs that a smartphone was violated. A recommendation that should follow, too, when we get out of a phone.

If you sold your cell phone and are about to deliver it, or if you will simply give it away, it is advisable to carry out some actions because It's as easy as possible to a device without prior use. Following once more to Busleiman, these devices offer access to private information, photographs, to our social networks, and also to data of our loved ones, partners, couples, and so on.

then, What are the procedures you should do before unplugging from your mobile phone? Here's how to review the essential steps.

Step 1: Back up

You will probably want to keep the documents, photos, videos and other data that your mobile contains. That is why it is necessary make a backup copy or backup. Both iOS and Android offer options to do so in their respective cloud storage services.

While in most mobile phones the copy is done automatically and periodically, the ideal is to do it manually just before transfer, to avoid leaving any document along the way.

Security backers include the list of apps installed on your smartphone. Thus, when you configure the new computer you can reinstall them and the configuration will be more dynamic. However, we also recommend doing Backups in your own applications.

For example, if you do not want to lose any recent WhatsApp chat, you should do the same in the messenger before the moving.

Finally, keep in mind that the storage space in the cloud is usually limited. In these cases, it is sometimes convenient to make endorsements in local media. To do this, you will have to opt for a more traditional and less comfortable option: connect the phone with a cable to a computer to "deliver" the information.

Step 2: Clear the data

With your information already protected, it is time for Remove your traces in the cell. Once again, iOS and Android allow you to format. In the configuration panel you must look for "Restore factory values".

This process eliminates applications, folders, messages, account information entered, and so on, avoiding the tedium of doing so with each content separately. For example, on an Android computer, the account associated with Gmail will be removed, or the user name and password with which you usually access different services.

After this restoration it is advisable to check "Accounts" that were effectively unrelated.

Step 3: Check (and do not forget) the cards

Good We remove fingerprints on the phone. Now we must not forget two components that contain information about our activity: the microSD card and the SIM card.

The most convenient way to sell a mobile phone is not to deliver the memory card, because even when you delete all the data, the new user could access the information. How There are applications at your fingertips that allow you to retrieve data.

Of course, these same tips run for a tablet that we will no longer use.

The last step (a courtesy with the user who will receive the team) is to make a cleaning of the components cellular physics. Here we tell you how to do it correctly, without affecting its appearance and functioning.

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