Saturday , January 16 2021

Exercise reduces the risk of being hospitalized for coronavirus

En in the program “El cordillerano entrena” on Radio L’cordillerano, the sports doctor Pau Cozzarin highlighted the results of a study that shows that the better a person’s physical capacity, the lower the risk of being hospitalized for coronavirus. “What needs to be told to the population is to go for a walk,” he said. He cited a retrospective study published in early January by the Mayo Clinic in the United States, “a prestigious institution, of international renown, as well as its researchers,” he noted.

At work, “they wanted to relate two variables,” the professional explained. “People who in the medical history have had an ergometry study – physical capacity measured with medical devices – five years before the onset of the pandemic, and wanted to compare them with the internment of those who after the onset of the pandemic would have given them a positive Covid. “

He explained that they started with 21,000 patients and were discarding those that did not correspond to the characteristics and were left with only 246. “In these 246 they detected that the one with the highest physical capacity, had the lowest rate of hospitalization, and they start correlating ‘METs’ “.

“When you do an ergometric test,” he explained, “the cardiologist will check how your heart and pressure work and, as you progress through the steps of this test, you will add weight to your bike and bike.” “This weight is one MET or metabolic equivalent. Each metabolic equivalent of additional physical capacity reduces the risk of coronavirus hospitalization by 13 percent.”

“At the population preventive level – after this study, which was suspected – what needs to be indicated to the population is that they go out initially to walk what they did nothing, because they will reduce the risks of being hospitalized,” he recommended . “It’s very important and we need to spread it.”

“It was suspected. That is, if one is well physically fit and reduces chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, why not reduce an infectious disease that affects the entire population,” he stressed. “This was suspected and is now beginning to be confirmed scientifically.”

“It’s critical not only for what preventative that can happen to you in years, like any chronic illness, but it’s preventative for this pandemic,” he noted.

“It has zero cost, very few adverse effects, we just have to have the will and start, step by step, to accumulate in the day. And then obviously everything to do, training, movement, exercise, game “Moving games give a great advantage of aerobic capacity. Everything to do with movement added up to prevent coronavirus internment.”

“With starting to walk you should get to start improving from day one your abilities. It is known that aerobic capacity stabilizes and improves in about six weeks. If one starts walking every day for a while for six weeks, a month and a half, is going to stabilize the improvement in physical fitness, ”he explained. “And on day two it also started to get better. It’s not that we need if or if six weeks.”

He also clarified that to take the first step no prior medical examination is required. “If one feels good, his chest doesn’t hurt and his blood pressure is under control, he can start. And in the middle, he takes his turn and we can do all the necessary medical check-ups.” That is, it can be started at any time.

“To give a general population indication, it is one of the best news of this 2021,” he assessed.

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