Thursday , October 6 2022

"Extremism Psychology": people more opposed to genetically modified crops are less informed about science


People who have the most extreme visions that are opposed to genetically modified foods (GM) think they know more about the science of genetically modified foods, but they actually know what they least, according to the new research [published January 14] in nature Human behavior …

Marketing and psychology researchers asked more than 2,000 European and European adults about their views on genetically modified foods. Surveys asked respondents how well they believed they understood genetically modified foods, then they tried what they really knew with a pile of fake questions about general science and genetics.

Despite a scientific consensus that genetically modified foods are safe for human consumption and have the potential to provide significant nutritional benefits …[m]The 90% ore of the survey respondents reported a level of opposition to genetically modified foods.

"This result is perverse, but it is consistent with previous research on psychology of extremism," said Phil Fernbach, lead author of the study and marketing professor at the Leeds School of Business. "Extreme visions often come from people who feel they understand complex issues better than them."

"Our findings suggest that the changing minds of people require, in the first place, that they appreciate what they do not know," study co-author Nicolás Light, a candidate at the Leeds Business School, said. "Without this first step, educational interventions may not work very well to adapt people to scientific consensus."

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