Tuesday , March 2 2021

Fernando Batista: "The match with Colombia will be an end"

As it happened in the initial group stage, Argentina fell with Ecuador, although this time for 2-1 and in the start of the Final Hexagon. The bad step was taken calmly by Fernando Batista, who at a press conference said: "We will face the game with Colombia as an end, as I told the boys."

"The final hexagonal is very even. Colombia will be a very tough opponent, this has just begun," added the Argentine coach. And he analyzed: "The second half was a return game, but we must improve the volume of the game."

In turn, striker Maximiliano Romero regretted the defeat, but went in accordance with the delivery of his and his teammates. "I think we gave everything. We will have to continue improving and thinking about Colombia. In three days we have another end," he said in the press area.

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