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"Game of Thrones": first clues about the outcome of the last season's expected


The analysis of Maria Eugenia Capelo on "Game of Thrones"

The date is already marked in the almanac of all fans: February 14. That day will be the debut of the last season of the successful and multi-award winning HBO series Game of Thrones. However the beginning of the end began to throb on Sunday, January 13, when the first images of what will happen at the end of fiction appeared.

Joined in the castle of Winterfell, Sansa i Ayra Stark meet with Jon Snow, The supposed bastard son of Ned Stark, Patriarch of the family. While the three walk through the mausoleum where the statues of their dead relatives are found, they hear the voices of Lyanna, Ned i Catlyn Stark, until they get caught up with their own tombstones.

But the mystery closes the feather that falls when Jon Snow goes through the statue of Lyanna, Which had been deposited in his hand by the king Robert Baratheon. In the first episode of this mythical series, Robert meets with Ned Stark and remember your dearest Lyanna, Who would have been kidnapped and killed by the family Targaryen.

The trailer of the last season of "GOT"

However, We all know that this did not happen like this. And the fall of the pen would symbolize the end of this false story. Lyanna fled to go in arms of RhaegarHis true love, and this union was born Jon Snow, Who would have real blood of two inheriting families of the throne. Simbolized in a feather, the truth that he must discover Jon It will be central in this last season.

The letters are thrown. On the one hand, young people Stark they are united, Daenerys And their dragons have a crusade in front of Machiavellian Cersei Lannister, but all have an enemy in common: the walkers, who finished the previous season with almost absolute power.

The appointment will be on Sunday, April 14, for HBO.

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