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Game of thrones: the secret is revealed, the eighth season will appear in April 2019


After a few months of uncertainty, agony is ended up for fans of the series.

he announced the prime minister
eighth and final seasons

Game of Thrones
, the story is inspired
books by George R.R. Martin, who became the favorite of the spectators, will be in April 2019. "Every battle, every bet, every risk, every fight, every victim, every death was for the throne", announces a video signal where fragments of the most shocking moments of fiction can be seen.

The death of Joffrey and the revenge of Cersie Lannister, published by Ned Starka, a decision
Daeneris Targarien becomes Khaleesi, the resurrection of Jon Snova, the return of Aria Starka, the red wedding, the awakening of the Tyrion Lannister, the White Walkers, the power of Bran Starka, the dragons … In a small footage For less than one minute, HBO shows the way each of these characters season
They fought, died, revived, and suffered. What will happen to those who have survived? Who will remain with the Iron Prestige? Will he be able to defeat the white army? Four families, one war, one enemy in common.

What's known so far

After suffering in telescopic attacks
Especially in the seventh season, HBO is moving with complete caution regarding this latest war. Not only do they assure that they have recorded more than one end to mislead but have set up a "killer of drones" around the shooting, in order to avoid stolen image images. The second decision of the production was the destruction of all written letters
The rest are just virtual.

It is true that there are many expectations and theories. The series has long since left Martin's books, so there is no more information to rescue.

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