Saturday , May 8 2021

Gerald Rozin was absent from the Morfi Rock and Paula Chaves and Iván de Pineda replaced him: “He had a small arrhythmia”

The show must continue and Gerardo Rozin, As a driver and producer of The Rock of Morfi, He knows it very well. The host had a heart problem and at the start of the program Jésica Ciri brought calm about his condition.

“I want to tell you that Gerardo had a small arrhythmia and is not going to be on the show today. It’s okay,” the co-host said, while Eugenia Quibel, Who is Gerardo’s partner and announcer of the cycle, claimed that it was “all under control”.

Jessica also announced the luxury driver replacements. “We have as guest drivers Paula Chaves now Iván de Pineda“, He announced, making the host of Bake Off Argentina to save his place as a journalist while he recovers.

Let it get better! Paula Chaves and Iván de Pineda replaced Gerardo Rozin in La penya de Morfi due to a health problem.

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