Friday , October 7 2022

Gustavo Alfaro: "I will meet with Maurici Macri in Olivos to talk about politics"


In one of his first interviews like brand new DT of Boca Juniors Gustavo Alfaro spoke with Marcelo Longobardi on CNN is Spanish. In a review of his life in general, his parents, his dreams, the violence in Argentine football, Diego Maradona and Carlos Tevez, also claimed that he met Maurici Macri since he was president of Boca there in 2007.

He also revealed that he talked with him after being presented as a Boca technician: "He talked about his feelings, his commitment, the president of the institution, and I told him that as we talked about football, I would like to go to the fifth of Olivos to talk about politics. We are going to meet us at the turn of his meeting with Bolsonaro ".

"That of Boca is a personal challenge. I feel privileged because I work from what I want. This is my passion and what I love. I fulfilled the dream that I gave my father who would go to the big players of Argentine football. "

"Stop Hurricane was a very difficult situation. I talked to my family, with players from the squad, with experienced people, with the president of the club and nobody told me that he had not been able to take advantage of it. I am legally advised to be right. I took the challenge and here I am embarked on this passion. "

"The minute by minute of the TV is more impersonal than my profession. I at least have three games to try. There were programs that lasted less."

"Carlos Tévez is Boca's most emblematic player. He is a recognized leader and a figure involved with the follower. After losing the final with River, in this process of reconstruction we have to stop behind him. I want to help you regain glory with your colleagues and accept it. "

"My relationship with Diego Maradona is everything. It is an admiration for all your feats. It made us feel that we were above the average. It made us dream of talent and commitment. He made good all those around him, he was generous. "

"I struggle with violence in football and it is the product of impotence. the
Argentine soccer society does not want to solve the issue, the boots in advance and must face it. No one assumes the responsibilities. They must be state policies and the state must occupy. I resist to think that there is no solution but where is prevention? ".

"I was a professional thief because I did not have a spiritual father who would mark my way. I searched for the successful formula and visited the most successful coaches like Menotti, Bilardo, Veira, Griguol, Basile, Passarella, and sat down and listened. "

"Golf applied a lot. Hopefully many players would play golf. In an error you will get all the work in an instant but you have to recover quickly. We are not prepared to lose or fail and golf tells you to learn. "

"Ginóbili is the" athlete "because it is the combination of talent, perseverance and effort".

"The Boca-River relationship was very damaged. There is no summer friend, and there is uncertainty about the next. The protagonists have to lower the intensity. They are enemies not enemies. "

Anecdote from the woolen goat: "At 9 years my mother got sick and doctors said she was not going to spend the night. At primary school I read a story about a girl at this time whose mother would die when the last leaf of a tree fell in autumn. I went back home and my sister saw me tying the branches of a tree that was in the yard wishing that my old lady did not die to me "(with tears in her eyes).

"Today my parents would be happy because they had a child who was encouraged to dream and make their dreams come true."

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