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Hantavirus: now isolate neighbors in Epuyén



and it deals with those who had more contact with one of the 13 confirmed cases. The idea is to prevent the person-to-person infection. The sanitary equipment will remain in the town until the outbreak culminates. The Feast of the Craftsman was postponed and they guarantee that the tickets are.

Follow the sanitary work in Epuyén by the health alert before the outbreak of hantavirus. The Minister of Health, Adrián Pizzi, headed a series of activities next to the Secretary of Culture, Maties Cutro; the head of the locality, Antonio Reato; responsible for the Esquel Programming Area; sent by the Secretary of Health of the Nation and the head of the Biological Containment Unit of the Malbrán Institute of the city of Buenos Aires, Alexis Edelstein.

Prior to a talk for the neighbors there was a press conference. The minister described the outbreak of hantavirus as "a unique and extraordinary event, with an atypical behavior of this disease, because it is endemic in the province and we are accustomed more than 20 years ago. But it acquired particular characteristics , and this brings us moment by moment to go analyzing what is going on, and taking definitions. "

He stressed that "we have all the health structure of the country available, and there are many people analyzing this situation, in Buenos Aires there are meetings with scientific societies and institutions of great renown, such as the Muñiz hospital, hospital El Cruce, and the Deputy Secretary of Epidemiology of Nation that is accompanying us. We receive contributions to this unpublished situation. "

In Epuyén, there will be a permanent presence of the inter-agency contingency table formed, until the outbreak ends. A biologist from Malbrán participates; the director of Prevalent Pathologies and Epidemiology of the Province, Teresa Strella and Zoonosis of Nation. On Thursday, they had 12 hours of work and six meetings discussing strategies and the transmission chain to begin taking measures, such as the selective isolation of people most closely linked to positive cases.

The minister announced that a team of Mental Health will address the most affected institutions and families. "It is a matter that catches us as a health system, and we have to have the health structure in a situation of contingency." The meetings involved the infectologist of the Zonal Hospital Esquel and the associated director, to ensure the care of people and health personnel. I Nation evaluates technologies to be used eventually. Pizzi contacted the Rio Tinto Ministry of Health for this province to facilitate Pediatric Intensive Therapy, if necessary, and Bariloche hospital is now available.

Pizzi assured that the hospitals in the Andean region have available resources to acquire the tickets they need and that, due to the wear and tear that generates the situation, work is being done to allow the replacement of human resources and health personnel in some sectors.

The postponement of the Craftsmen's Party planned for the town was confirmed, for psychosocial matters. "Mental Health saw that the community is worried and beaten by their losses, and that the municipality is temporarily stopped, we support the decision of the intendant, when the conditions given are going to be celebrated."

For its part, Strella pointed out the necessary home measures to prevent the contagion from person to person, minimizing the close contacts in cohabitantes. It will implement a "social isolation", with the permanence of contacts with people affected at home. Also ventilation of the environments, frequent washing of hands, use of bleach in the household cleaning, and restrictions on home outings, among other recommendations, such as the use of the barber if it is released from the # 39; housing.

"We have the need to be more demanding with those who have been in contact with patients who tested positive for hantavirus and who are in observation, until they are discarded," he said.

The daily statement made 2 cases in observation at the Zonal Hospital Esquel; 13 confirmed cases and 7 discarded. There is a person in observation at the Hospital Rural de Epuyén. There are 3 patients in the Intensive Therapy Unit of the HZE, and 3 in the isolation room.

Officer Reato valued "the great support from all of us" for Epuyén and stressed that "they are working and doing everything they can to get it to end once and for all."

"We need the media (communication) to help us reach the community so that it is known that it is doing everything. There is nothing that is hidden," he said.

From Malbrán, Edelstein agreed that "we are dealing with an extraordinary event" in Epuyén, since what was presented "is not the mechanism of transmission of hantavirus commonly known; we need to make an epidemiological analysis of cases for Modify how to tackle this outbreak ".

"Healthcare systems have been at the height of the circumstances and have worked as they have to operate," he said. "The selective isolation prevents the potential risk because the transmissibility is low and the community in general is not exposed."

The Committee concluded its presentation with a talk open to the community, at the local Municipal Gym Parking, to provide information and answers to the concerns of the neighbors. (Source: diariojornada.com.ar)

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