Tuesday , July 5 2022

"He held my hand and cried out as a child. He broke my heart. Can not get up …"


It is natural to imagine that the great celebrities are above it
Pain and illness, however, the reality is very different: Kurt Cobain,
founder and leader of Nirvana, the group that marked the nineties with his music,
He explained in more than one occasion that he suffered from terrible gastric problems
doctor could heal and, for that reason, it ended up falling into a severe depression
which increased its addiction to several classes of prohibited substances; for
Of course, it was not the only celebrity besieged by physical problems, something
similar to Michael Jackson.

In this case, however, we will speak of a local artist, no less than Santiago Bal: the beloved actor, screenwriter, director and producer was once again boarding school. He was responsible for talking about the subject was Carmen Barbieri, her ex-wife and mother of her son, Federico. The capocomía was in Intrusos, the program of Jorge Rial and was categorical, giving clearly to understand that the situation is really complex and fears the worst.

"Santiago is very weak, needs the support of an oxygen mask. Yesterday (Sunday) complained because they placed the largest, more powerful mask, he felt uncomfortable and He can not speak, he has no strength because he does not have enough oxygen to speak of a shot. Today he woke up better and could put another mask, lighter and smaller. He did not eat anything. With serum, antibiotics due to their bronchial problem, doctors are not risky to say if it is pneumonia, "he said, saying the actress.

Afterwards, the benchmark in the magazine theater explained the reason why his ex-husband has to be admitted so often, without ever recovering from the illness he suffers. "When they give you the right number, this is because they are not charged otherwise. Because it is so weak that a cooler kills it and it is preferable that it is in the house." Emfática added: "He is tired, in a bad mood and sad. He only gestures and my assistant is the only one who understands it. I see it very weak," said Carmen.

And then he gave more details on this topic. "You do not want to receive more visits. You only want to see Fede, to Coco who is his brother, to his Mariano son, to Penca, who is my right hand, and to me. And nobody else. Julieta was not going to see . He held my hand and cried out as a child, and broke my heart. He looks at therapy, he wants to go away and do not even know he can not. Can not get up or walk. To me It sounds like Santiago Bal has lowered his arms and it never happened. The doctor says that he treated him for years, "said Barbieri, afterwards, to be even more honest.

"It's the first time they see it so delicate, but not serious, but loose and unwilling. As you lower your arms. That's why we are all so worried and sad. It is restless and very conscious. What worries me most is that with his head so lucid and with his imprint, he lowered his arms. I feel that he no longer wants to continue fighting, that he has no forces. I am not the woman, I have been separated for 8 years. I am here because I want it, because I never abandoned the boat or I will do it, "the artist explained.

To close the note, Carmen spoke of the serious health problems that her ex-husband always suffered. "Since the age of 39, it has been going badly, with 18 cancer operations. It is a day to day. It has everything but no illness is terminal. Now it has a COPD, it has a bronchospasm that could be a pneumonia. It has a cellulite infection, it does a thrombosis on either side. But it does not have a fatal cancer as it had at other times. It has no pain, you want to go away here. I ask God to give him strength to leave and not lower my arms. He is 83 years old, but has the body ruined as if he was 150 years old for so many diseases he had, "closed the Barbieri conversation.

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