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He is 13 years old, he went home with his boyfriend and for 3 days nobody knows anything about them – 2019.01.27


"That we remain calm and do not look for it. That will be fine and at some point we will call," says Celeste Godoy, who says the note left by his 13-year-old daughter, Zoe Zabala, Before leaving the family home a Santa Teresina. It was in the first hours of Thursday, January 24, a while after his mother told him not to stay with the computer until very late.

"At four o'clock in the morning of Thursday, my husband went to wake up and did not find her in bed or anywhere near the house. We made the complaint right away. A neighbor told me she was going to see going at dawn, with a backpack, and that a boy was waiting in the corner"Explains Godoy. As he explains, about eight months ago Zoe went to the house with a boy he presented as his friend.

Near Zoe Zabala and Ezequiel Aranda in the Coast Party.

Near Zoe Zabala and Ezequiel Aranda in the Coast Party.

"Through Facebook we learned that he was the boyfriend and we do not let him come home. We are sure they are together, because Thursday at 7 in the morning, the boy's mother did not find him in the house either and made the complaint" , argues Celeste.

Police sources have confirmed to Bugler That both complaints are based on the opinion of the whereabouts. The boy, 14, is called Oscar Ezequiel Aranda and lives in San Clemente del Tuyú.

"The police are not doing anything. They went for their own will but they are smaller, you have to look for them. Our concern is that an adult has been brought", Celeste Holds. The phones to inform about the whereabouts of Zoe and Ezequiel are 02246-15-447946 and 02246-15-406686.

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