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He was 23 years old and dreamed of being a world champion, but a tragedy ended with his life


December 31, 2018

Yazmin March studied to be a teacher of physical education and was called "Hurricane." Product of an overdose died.

Yazmin March He was 23 years old and was the third of a family of five brothers. Orihonda from Vila María, Córdoba, was always interested in martial arts and after going through the kung fu and boxing kick he dedicated himself to boxing, where he hoped to become world champion.

Hurricane, as I was saying, It traveled 150 kilometers daily to get from his hometown to Córdoba Capital, where he trained. However, the sacrifice that he put to his career did not go hand in hand with his addictions and in 2016 he got into a treatment to rehabilitate himself and leave his illness.

The life of # 39; Yazmin it seemed to stop again. On April this year he participated in the Women's National Championship, in Alta Gràcia, and was champion and then hung the belt that was vacant at the provincial level in the category up to 69 kilos, after Defeat Alexania Gigena in unanimous failure. However, his improvement was a simple breath of air that later led to the lack of.

In spite of the successful present that lived above the ring, underneath quadrilateral it suffered constant relapses. "Yazmin received her after her relief order and made an extraordinary change, started boxing, giving classes and studying. We were happy with what I was living. But there are people who seem to be cured and they are never in a definitive way"Explained Doctor Julio Tabárez.

During the early hours of Saturday, Claudia, her mother, heard strange noises in her house. When he approached the bed Yazmin He discovered that her daughter had seizures and was immediately mobilized to the Pasteur Regional Hospital. However, the 23-year-old woman died at the act, when she went to the sanatorium to have a cardiac arrest.

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