Sunday , April 11 2021

How is the game of Bugatti rims sold for what is worth a Mercedes AMG 0 km in Argentina

It is clear that who has a Bugatti in his garage should not worry too much about reaching the end of the month, but there are numbers that do not stop calling attention: the owner of a Veyron sells a set of tires for $ 100,000. Yes, a sort of 3.8 million pesos. This is what, for example, is a Mercedes AMG A 45 Matic of 360 CV in the local market.

On top of that, You are selling them through a "good price" website: With no use and factory directs, Bugatti sells them for $ 150,000, money in which, in Argentina, it arrives to buy different models of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Porsche.

$ 25,000 each tire of alloy used with their respective tire. Incredible
$ 25,000 each tire of alloy used with their respective tire. Incredible

The tires in question were manufactured in Italy by OZ and come with their corresponding Michelin tires (2013). The owner says that they still have 85 percent of the tread in use. That is, they did not even reach a quarter of their useful life.

This model of tires (called Pilot Sport PAX) was built especially for Michelin for the Bugatti Veyron, a model that exceeded the million dollars for sale (its successor was the Chiron). They are the ones recommended by the brand for Enjoy the maximum 1000 horsepower of your W16 engine.

The number sounds absurd, but keeping a Veyron (beyond buying) is really very expensive. For example, replacing the four turbochargers costs about 35 thousand dollars; change oil, 22 thousand dollars; and the annual review, around 45 thousand.

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