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How much did it cost to travel to a group, train and subway in January and how much does it go out now?


The Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires They do not use the PUJA Network They had to spend more than twice the payment of the ticket they spent in January. The group increased 116.6% this year (and will rise another 38.4% until March); subway 1 93.3% goes (it will continue to rise by 40% more until April 2019); And the train increases from 118% to 175%, depending on the line used. Besides, they will rise on average another 40% until March 2019.

In both cases, For those who use the PUJA Network (43% of users on business days), the gains were slightly lower, although in any case they generally outperformed the general inflation of 2018.

Since February, when the first rate of the year was applied to the groups and trains of the metropolitan area and the Red PUJA network was implemented go to work costs up to 258% more.

For example, traveling from Temperley to a microcenter -comprising group, train and subway) came out in February for $ 241.8 a month; and in December this trip demands $ 863.8, that is, an increase of 258%.

How to reduce what we spend every day to move, to go to work? The answer falls to mature, more when in parallel traveling by car is not a better option, nor in a group, since the gasoline also had a 64% increase in one year.

Increase in rates

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The group, more and more expensive


It suffered 6 adjustments throughout the year, and increased by 116.6% in total. They use 13 million passengers traveling through the Federal Capital and Gran Buenos Aires.

In January, the minimum ticket was $ 6. In February it went to $ 8, in April $ 9, in June: $ 10, in August $ 11, in September $ 12, and from October $ 13. During the summer, the passage would rise again until it reached $ 18.

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The value of the passage increased by 93.3% by 2018. It had three price changes, and it will have two months in January and February 2019, when the total increase reaches 120%. They use subways 1.3 million people per day.

In January, traveling by subway cost $ 7.5. From agostejar it happened to be worth a trip $ 12.50; In November it rose to $ 13.50, and in December it went to $ 14.50. In February, it is already stipulated, the ticket will be $ 16.50.



They use 1.6 million users

Sant Martí, Sarmiento and Miter: the minimum ticket passed $ 4 to $ 8.75, 1 118.7% increase from January to December

Belgrano Sud i Roca: the ticket rose from $ 2 to $ 5.50, up from 175% since the start of the year

Urquiza: In January, the ticket was $ 2.20; see $ 5.75. An increase of 161% in a year.

Belgrano Norte: the passage rose 135% in 2018. It went from $ 2 to $ 4.75

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