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Industrial crisis: the UIA criticized the lack of an industrial policy by Canviem


José Urtubey and José Ignacio de Mendiguren pointed out against the government not to launch policies that promote the sector and predicted that the economy will fall in 2019.

January 18, 2019

Leaders of the Industrial Union Argentina (UIA) questioned the government of we change not to start up policies that drive the sector and predict that The economy will fall in 2019 Because "nobody recovers in a company cemetery".

The vowel of the manufacturing plant José Urtubey He considered that the critical situation facing the productive sector is due to "the lack of government industrial policy, tax pressure, high rates of financing and the destruction of the internal market."

In declarations a Chronicle Announced (The Unravel Radio), He indicated: "We are today six points below 2015. And 2019 will not be better, the economy will fall and the industry too."

According to the latest report from industrial activity released by the UIA, industry fell 9.4% in November as a result of the poor performance of the textile sector, non-metallic minerals and the automotive industry. This month of 2018 was until now the worst in the year, moving to June, which had registered a decrease of 8.4%.

Between January and November of last year, industry fell 2.7%, while the decrease was 3.4% over the previous month, in seasonally adjusted measurement.

The national MP for the Renewal Front and member of the Board of Directors of the UIA, Iñaki de MendigurenHe argued that he is "worried about the numbers of the industry".

Also, in dialogue with FM The Patriada He clarified: "I'm not surprised. I feel like we're going to the Titanic and the government thinks it is going to sink the iceberg". For De Mendiguren it is necessary "to turn 180 degrees into economic policy" and warned: "Nobody recovers in a company cemetery, they are clicking on the life jackets."

In addition, he emphasized: "This economic model is like that of José Martínez de Hoz and that of Domingo Cavallo. It is a model that turned us back to the 19th century."

Finally, he pointed out that "this economic model does not think about the national development" and said: "It came to guarantee the business in the capital and it was a record the flight of capital," while pointing out: "Today, Argentina is a country that exports savings and imports debt. "

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