Wednesday , September 28 2022

Investigate the death of a police coup in Buenos Aires


They are separated from the birth of their daughter; they believe that a man killed a woman and committed suicide in his car

Few people in the Jesica Frizzo family knew the situation of violence, which was formerly Luis Mario Carballo. At dawn yesterday, the girl was a victim of femicide. Her ex-boyfriend shot a bullet in the head with his control weapon and gave her life. Both were members of the City Police. Frizo died on the spot. Carballo arrived at the Santoana Hospital, but died yesterday, the first morning. They had a six-month-old baby who took care of her godfather.

For investigators, a tragic episode that happened in the early hours of the car parked in front of the house in Junin 80, from Villa Madero, was a femicide, and then a suicide.

Woman, 29 years old, worked in the Operational Division of the Police Station 9A. While the aggressor, 38 years old, worked in the Department of Safety in Sports Shows.

According to the victim's sister, the couple was separated from the birth of their baby. Before they lived for two months in Escobar.

"He was very jealous, he called, threatened, persecuted, and sometimes he wanted to raise his hands," explained Aile, the sister of the victim. Currently, Jesica has lived with her sister, also a policeman, in the city of Pontevedra, in the county of Merlo, in the western suburbs.

Ailen was the baby godfather. He explained that his sister did not report abuse from Carball and that, through a lawyer, he sent letters to his ex-boyfriend to issue a monthly allowance for the maintenance of his daughter.

"He came with the excuse that he took her to buy clothes for my niece, but he kidnapped her and killed her," said Ailen, who now with her mother had taken care of the baby and the other nine-year-old daughter she had. The frizzy of the previous relationship.

After the reconstruction of the tragic episode of the police investigators, it was established that Carballo and Frizzo spoke in the car of the aggressor, Volksvagen Gol Trend, at the door of the house, at Junin 80, in Villa Madero, when there were two shots.

The neighbors and relatives of Carball found both policemen in the car, each with a bullet in his head.

According to a spokesman, a cousin's cousin entered the car and transferred the victims to the Santiovani hospital in Liniers. Soldiers traveling in the area on the phone line in Buenos Aires police saw one of the relatives of the victims in a car in which the tragedy took place and brought him to the hospital.

As they arrived at the guard, doctors discovered that Friso died, while Carballo, still alive and with his head, was operated, but died.

Inside the car, the experts found a Carball's 9 mm pistol. From this element, the investigators assumed the hypothesis that the police first killed the shooting in the head of their former partner, and then put life into a bullet.

These weapons will be delivered within the next few hours to the Gendarmerie technician's ballistic report, while Frizov's regulatory gun is found at his home in Pontevedra.

According to the sources of the investigation, two witnesses who heard the discussion and two shootings stated. The prosecution was ordered to conduct a camera survey in the area where the incident occurred.

The autopsies will be held today in the court morgue of Lomas de Zamora, after the relatives of the victims declared.

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