Saturday , April 17 2021

It fires a hotel in the center of Buenos Aires: there are three serious injuries and trapped people

Four firefighter endowments of the City and of PFA, effective of the Police of the City and ambulances of the SAME work at the gates of Hotel Las Naciones, Located on Avenida Correntes in 800, right in the center of Buenos Aires, where a grim fire untied.

A significant rescue deployment was built on the site. The fire was already controlled, They informed the teams that operate there. However, the flames affected one of the upper floors and There are people who still could not be evacuated.

Police sources have indicated to Infobae that there are at least "Three seriously injured, with burns of more than 60%" i 28 people attended, Which were derived in the nearest hospitals.

In total, five wounded were transferred to the hospital Argerich, New a Fernández, Ten to # Penna and four at the # 39; Rivadavia. Three of them (two men and one woman) are in serious condition.

According to the first reliefs of the accident, the fire originated on the fifth floor, "at the pallium with projection in the elevators". it covers one extension of 10 by 15 meters. On the upper floors of the complex there are more than 50 people who advised him not to leave their rooms. The property has 28 floors and two subsoils.

From Bombers of the City they told this means that "The fire extinguishers of the establishment were expired."

The fact generated that The Avenida Correntes, at the height of Suipacha, was interrupted by the traffic for the firefighters who are in a radius that covers the entire apple.

The Las Naciones hotel, with its four star rating and its flags from countries around the world that rejoice on Avenida Correntes, is located just meters from the Gran Rex theater. Little more than a block from the Obelisk.

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