Monday , March 8 2021

Izquierdoz: "It was almost impossible to get to Pity, but it was necessary to run it"

Carlos Izquierdoz He reviewed on Tuesday a painful and recent time for mouth: The one against which resulted in the 3-1 of River in Madrid for the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores 2018. And he acknowledged that, despite having remained the only prosecutor Gonzalo Martínez In his fast run, he always knew that he would not get it.

"It's my way of being. If you continue my career, you will see that it was always a lot of effort. Leaving everything that was not going to be the exception. It was what corresponded. Already when the pass had left, we had started to run, he took me an advantage and it was very difficult that he could achieve. It was going to be almost impossible, but it had to be run-the same. Give everything to respect the follower and colleagues. It is the most correct thing I could have done, "relived Radio La Red.

In addition, the defender referred to the statements of Carlos Tevez revealing his discomfort in the previous cycle: "If something happened between William (Mud Schelotto) and Tevez was noticed. They are two types of experience that they know how to handle changing rooms. "And he was cautious before the chance of being a captain:" There are guys who have a long way, like Carlos, who is an emblem for soccer in our country. "

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