Friday , July 30 2021

Jeff Bezos promises to take the first woman to the moon and shows “the engine that will do it” (VIDEO)

The billionaire’s space company, Blue Origin, was one of those chosen by NASA to create manned spacecraft as part of its Artemis program.

Jeff Bezos – the richest man in the world and founder of Amazon – has promised that his aerospace company, Blue Origin, will be the one to bring the first woman to the lunar surface.

On his Instagram account the billionaire posted the video of the test of the BE-7 engine, which “will drive the Blue Origin national team’s HLS lunar landing module.” “This is the engine that will bring the first woman to the surface of the Moon“, He added.

The video was captured during a test this week at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Blue Origin, as well as SpaceX and Dyneticsson, are the companies that NASA chose for the creation of human spacecraft as part of its Artemis program, which provides for the trip to the Moon of two astronauts a year 2024.

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