Monday , March 8 2021

Jimena Baró after the complaint against Rodrigo Romero: "If I had known I would have sent it to the m … for hdp"

Jimena Baró he spoke on his ex-girlfriend, Rodrigo RomeroAnd he had very harsh words after the denunciation of gender violence by Macarena Vega, Another ex-player of the actor.

Macarena explained that Rodrigo told her that Jimena was aware of the episodes of violence experienced by her and the actress decided to go to the crossing of this version with a series of messages read by Ángel De Brito today LAM

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"Nothing I know about any episode of violence. Nothing. I'm frozen watching your program. I will not talk It's an alien relationship. Of them, but I'm really shocked. I separated because he was not for me. I never stuck Rodrigo at all. More. I'm sorry for her if that's the case. It is an outrage that counts. I never imagined something like that "Jimena wrote to the driver.

Àngel de Brito also read other messages: "My relationship with him was absolutely normal. Simply when he got all the more serious I found out he was not a companion for me, who could not help me as I wanted. Nothing more All this is scary. Let them settle as a couple the story of them. I do not have a shit to see. And I would have known it had sent her to shit for a bitch. I helped him a lot with the children and did not fight with his ex. I had dinner with one of her ex and her family to have a good relationship. The same always. I understand her anger. If that is true, I denounce it and cough it, but I have nothing to do with it. "

"I lived a lot of crap as if to choose to be the accomplice of the others. Please, do not ask me to do any of the things that I ate at breakfast today. I personally lived in a relationship of" Most normal, this will not make me defend anyone. I learned. Violence is denouncing "He closed the theme Jimena with a tweet on social networks.

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