Monday , May 16 2022

Joana Viale spoke about Mirtha Legrand’s health in the days leading up to discharge: “Can you believe it? All she wants is to work again.”


Days to have that Mirtha Legrand was discharged after being admitted to the Sanatorium Mater Dei (Where she underwent surgery to have two stents placed after a coronary obstruction was detected), Juana Viale spoke about her grandmother’s health in Mirtha’s night.

Mrs. Mirtha Legrand is home again, of course. The most ‘titanic’ woman I’ve ever met in the history of my life is my grandmother“, Began the driver at the beginning of the cycle of eltrece.

Mrs. Mirtha Legrand is in very good health, He is very ‘talkative’ and doing all the exercises he has to do. So I’m glad, it fills me with happiness and love that she’s home again, ”she added, smiling.

“Mrs Mirtha Legrand is enjoying very good health, she is very ‘talkative’ and doing all the exercises she has to do. The only thing she wants, do they know what it is? Going back to work. Can you believe it? Amazing! “.

Finally, the presenter revealed what is the strangest activity of the diva in full recovery: “All you want, do you know what it is? Go back to work. Can they believe it? Amazing! The truth is a genius my grandmother “.

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