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Karina: "I talked with my daughter about pedophilia because they talked to men who were going to go for boys of 11 years"


"I was in slippers! I'm already ready", Be honest Karina The Princess when he receives a Teleshow In the house that rents Carlos Pau on Lake Sant Roc, already with slippers put in, ready to make the photographic production. It is the first time that the singer has performed the theatrical season and that is why, as she admits, it is still adapting to the "theater world".

while He walks home, he's listening to singing on the bass. "It's funny because I work for that, but I love doing it in my spare time. I have a karaoke team, and what I like most is the melody," he explains, at the same time as raise a Queen, The dog of her daughter ground. "It's a Pomeranian and has eight months," details who stars Siddharta, The show of Flavio Mendoza, Next Facu Mazzei, Mirta Wons and the humorist flak pailos.

You're quiet and quiet; He clarifies that he is very shy and shameful. For that reason Karina is not used to giving many notes. She does not like to talk about her too. "I still find it difficult to understand that they want to know things about me", Recognizes in an intimate interview with this portal, in which he talks about love, of the challenge of turning his career into action and until he had to talk with his 11-year-old daughter on the pedophilia.

-It was very hard to convince Flavio to accept being a part of Siddharta?

-It was not so much because I before he summoned me, I assumed that I was going to happen. I do not know why, but I told a person from my work team that if there were proposals to do something, we were going to say yes because this year (by 2018) I wanted to do it .

-You are singing Had you killed the worm of wanting to be an actress?

-I wanted to see what he was capable of. Until I was able to arrive in regards to filling in activities on the day. At three months the proposal to make the theater with Flavio came out and as I always try to accept something according to what I feel, and the songs excited me, so I said that it lasted the same day. And suddenly I saw myself stuck here.

-Why did you suggest that you be a season at Villa Carlos Paz, did you also accept fast or doubt a little more?

-I did not know how the theater is. What first is in Buenos Aires and then in Mar del Plata or Villa Carlos Pau, then I got quiet there and a month before, when they offered me to come here if I doubted more because the summer is when I more song It's the time we want to work well because there are a lot of shows.

-What did he take you to say yes?

-I had to say no to other shows that I already had on hold and who had asked for a year ago. I knew that it served me more financially. And in turn, one of the reasons I accepted this year was Think first about myself and not on everything else.

-What do you mean by "everything else"?

-All I thought about What makes me good and it makes me happy, and not economic. I have to think a lot about everyone: in my band, in my musicians, in my family, to those who help a lot, in my house … I thought, and the only condition What I put was a season but I could also do my shows because my band was still working. And that's what I'm doing.

-When work proposals arise, do you consult with someone or decide alone?

-Sol. I do not like to ask for suggestions. I have no one to ask for because I do not want to. It seems to me that to make decisions, what better than me? If I could make a mistake, it would be something I felt from my heart and I would not regret it.

-Who are you coming to Villa Carlos Paz?

-I'm with my daughter, Sol, 11, my sister of 13, and my mother is constantly going. In addition, I visit my friends who are on vacation in their work and come a few days.

-The last few days a photo appeared in which a man is driving from your truck, looking for you when you leave the theater next to your daughter. Are you in pairs?

I'm alone He is a friend. I have Several friends who drive my truck and they just grabbed him. I'm not in a couple because I do not want to. I had a long time of girlfriend and it is good to have time to work and be calm. I do not feel like.

– There are proposals, but I'm fine. When the season is over, I'll see.

-What does it cost to fall in love?

-I give myself many laps. I do not go through the eyes And it's not easy, even though he has spoken a couple of times. I like to meet the person, talk many times, see if I'm good at it, if I have fun.

– January 30 is your birthday. How are you going to celebrate?

-I do not know. I never celebrated It gives me the same to do something or not. I'm a little bored. Flavio already told me to invite him, taking for granted that he did something. I also do not like going out at night and if I do, it's always accompanied. Also, I prefer to do things in my house so that my daughter can be, she is with my group of friends because they are healthy.

-You made a debut in June SiddhartaSince then, do you feel more comfortable about the scenario?

-I continue taking classes of different types of dance, as well as singing. While mostly they are the same steps, I am practicing all the time because it costs me a lot. i feel that i improved and I let loose a little. My biggest problem is to let me go. I am half timid.

-It is noticed that you do not like to talk a lot about your things.

-I'm very introverted. In privacy too. I do not tell anyone anything; I explain little and nothing to my friends. I adjust very alone. It makes me embarrassed to talk about me, it makes me hard to understand why I care to know about my things.

-Do you go or search social networks what is said about you?

-No. It gives me the same if they are saying something. All in all, I'm seeing things and going in, rich and ready, but I'm not looking for. This happens for the safety of each one. The same goes for the opinion of others; What another person says will not change what I think.

-Here you are sure of yourself.

-In some areas I am very sure. In my work, for example. Instead, in my life not so much. For some reason I do not want to be a girlfriend. For fear of the opinion of others. I did not go well and I prefer to be alone. In my work I am quite sure that on other sides I do not.

-Would you manage to run the exhibition?

-The photo that came out with my friend, for example, does not bother me or cause me discomfort. In fact, it causes me grace. We kill ourselves laughing with my friends because he is also shy and, as I do not tell them anything about my private life, they do not tell me either. so I do not know if you are couple or if this photo complicated. I hope not.

-What happens to the issues that do not give you such grace?

-There are issues that are more serious, and sometimes I give explanations because I know that what I had to do to talk was I. And in the case that I do not, I say with total respect that I do not feel comfortable, and we do not talk more about the subject.

-You are getting used to, then.

There were several stages to achieve this. At first I suffered quite a bit and I was not used to it, until I learned to drive it. And I'm still learning. I understood that it is a game that depends a lot on the attitude of each one. too The fact of not talking opens a door to tell you anything. It's good that you defend yourself because A limit is set to be respectful.

-What do you explain to your daughter when they say things that are not quite true?

-For his young age, he has very clear things. That's why it's very easy for me to talk to her. It costs less than me. Obviously he sees things because he is in the networks, he has 60 thousand followers and there are few who follow it for me or his father (the singer of Cumbia the polish), But because she does tutorials: it is fashionable to be youtuber and that … The truth that we talked with her. It's good to have communication and know what's right and what's not.

-They supervise the account of Instagram to see who you are talking to or the messages you receive?

-I really did not want to have a cell phone, but they were given at Christmas and at this age they all have it. I If you do not leave it, which is the right one, it stays outside and it's not good. So I told him I could have an Instagram, though I have your account on my phone too. Prior to that I had a talk in which we talked about bullying through the fine networks of pedophilia.

-Although you found something that you did not like or worried you?

-Detect a lot of people who pass through 11-year-old boys when they do not have it. They wrote to him, but I blocked them. Similarly, she almost does not answer the messages, and if she does, I see the answers. Must be alert And one, more or less, I noticed. She already knows that I will have your account on my phone and I will look at it until I understand what danger it is.

-You explained to her that you had blocked some contacts. How was this talk?

-We saw them together and I explained why he was a possible pedophile. I noticed they were told they were 11 years old, but the way they talked was not a guy. Besides, This same contact I had written to me as if I was 45, and my sister told her that I was 15. I sat down at both, I showed them the messages and I deleted them. Go know how many other girls write them, Because they follow thousands of people. There are many cases of these going around, and it is good to explain these things to the guys. Especially before it starts to go out at night.

-What is your year?

-In March we are here in Villa Carlos Paz with Siddharta and then I have some confirmed dates of shows. In addition, I have proposals for acting both on television and in theater.

-What do you like best?

-Television I do not know, I am rejecting a couple of proposals because I felt that I was not prepared and now I do not feel it either, but since I am like this about the challenges and new things, I will see. From theater, I was offered a child and also something like what I am doing now.

-And if you call for the # 39; dancing?

-When I went to sing to the rhythm that Flavio danced, Marcelo Tinelli he remembered in a camera that I always offer because the reality is that almost every year they tell me, Even once he did it personally. But, for how I am, I do not want to. They worry about the foregoing, and what could I do if I do not speak? Also, I feel like I'm going to suffer. That is why I do not accept. I have nothing against the program, though I do not feel it for me.

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