Monday , May 16 2022

Kawasaki unveils its hybrid bike: the Ninja 400 of the future


Kawasaki Ninja 400 Hybrid

After seeing theirs patents, Kawasaki already released information about its future hybrid bikes months ago. These are “parallel” hybrids, that is, motorcycles that they can work independently with their gasoline engine, with the electric one, or combining both. The idea is simple to understand, then you need to put it into practice: in road you use the petrol engine, and at some point (advance, Acceleration or between curves) the electric “helps” by increasing the thrust. Upon arrival in the city or wherever there is a “zero emissions zone,” the gasoline engine stops and continues in pure electric mode.

This is how this prototype works, built on a Ninja 400 although very modified, with another chassis although also tubular of steel. the two-cylinder gasoline engine original of the Ninja adopts, on the gearbox and after the cylinders, 1 electric motor coupled to the primary transmission (clutch). This engine is powered by a 48V battery which here is very compact, located under the pilot’s seat. Suppose Kawasaki expects the technology to improve for this battery to increase its capacity, or it will have to be slightly larger to offer sufficient “zero emissions urban” autonomy. But as such, it already works, And allows them the important thing: test the concept and fine-tune how the transmission works, which is automated (handle the shift and clutch servomotors driven by the switchboard). He has one in front of you more than possible future of gasoline motorcycles …

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