Thursday , October 28 2021

Kingdom Hearts 3 does not allow streaming "for commercial purposes"


With the first analysis of Kingdom Hearts 3 In the air, some of those who have already played it have already noticed a peculiarity even before starting the game. This peculiarity is nothing but the warning about a restriction regarding the streaming of the game, and that it can not be done "for commercial purposes", according to Square Enix. The reason? Very simple, and there is none other than the presence of characters from another company.

Disney imposes its rules

From the beginning Square Enix has had to be very careful about this matter, already not just for author rights, Which is what concerns us, but also for the always feared spoilers, which in the case of this franchise is something that is especially aggravated. In the specific case of the news that has emerged recently, before the same title screen, the Japanese company has been forced to notify the players of Kingdom Hearts 3.

"This game is an author rights work. Rights are owned by The Walt Disney Company and a collaboration of authors who represent it. In addition, the rights of some characters are property of Square Enix Co You are free to relay the game for non-commercial purposes. However, using streaming to simply listen to your music is prohibited even in these non-commercial contexts. For more information about the terms of # 39 ; use the game you can visit the official website of Kingdom Hearts 3 ".

However, there are some gaps in this situation, since in Kotaku they have accessed this page and there is no information in this regard, probably because the game has not yet gone on sale. However, the portal has contacted Square Enix to clarify exactly what it refers to "commercial purposes", without the Japanese company being able to specify what it is talking about.

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