Tuesday , May 17 2022

Latin Grammy 2018: La Sole, Akel and Lali Esposito share their experience with Telesh


At this moment they are the three greatest artists of our country. Therefore, if only Akel He is nominated in this edition of Latin Grammys, both he and him Lali Esposito i Soledad Pastorutti They deserved to pass through the red carpet event held in Las Vegas.

"I felt relaxed this year, actually I came to drive. I do not have a record, I have no nominations, so one of the tourism is more, to meet friends, "he said. The Sole in dialogue with Teleshov.

"What can be recorded, so We went to the studio to record a song that could be part of the next album, Arekuito native, who was "happy that the Academy takes into account so many Argentinian artists, we need"

"We always feel so far away from these awards, and it is an honor for me to know that so many colleagues are nominated, so happy for that, "he stressed.

As far as the glamor surrounding these kinds of differences is concerned, the singer – whom he was wearing Veronica Far– He was honest when he said that "I've never felt comfortable with this part, but I'm lucky to work with my great friend who came back to Argentina to advise me and who I am having a lot of fun with "

"Then As if we were playing, because I live in a city and today I am here in Las Vegas, I am like amphibians, I go from one place to another in that sense, "he added. The Sole, whose honor was chosen to present with the face of the year Jaime Camil and that he expected "to produce a disaster next year Carlos Vives and lots of other people. "

"I think that is a little prediction of what I will live next year, and we present a presentation throughout Argentina and we will return to the United States on tour, so join us that you will need us and we hope you will continue to love our music, "he concluded in a farewell statement.

On the other hand, Akel said that "coming to Grammis means a few days earlier, meet with Spanish counterparts"It's good to share music, conversations, dinners, lunches," he added.

"The nomination with the album is a great joy, the prize is to be here without any doubt, 25 thousand is nominated and will be ternados between five for the pop category, that the pop category is sometimes the most advanced and most consumed in the world, it is already a prize ", He considered his nomination for the best contemporary pop vocal album for his album Be.

In so much, charismatic and sensual as always, Lali, who served as a presenter in the first category of awards, He emphasized that "Latin music is breaking it in the world". "I am nervous and I am honored to be here. You talk and do well with the artists you know here and admire a lot, "she concluded excitedly.

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