Thursday , March 4 2021

Look at the 33 vehicles that will auction YPF in February

YPF will auction 33 vehicles on Thursday, February 14, by fleet renewal in the provinces of Mendoza and Chubut.

Among the models to be auctioned you can find pick-ups 4×4, 4×2 and sedans such as Hilux, Ranger, Focus, Ecosport and Golf, among others. Initial prices start from $ 55,000 for performances and $ 90,000 for pick-ups.

As in previous occasions the auction will be made by the company Narvaezbid from its website. Those interested will have to register on the web and request authorization in the interest auction.

The participation is without obligation to buy. Once registered, they will receive the conditions of participation by mail and they can be enabled to offer both online and in person.

Look at the vehicles that are auctioned by clicking here


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