Monday , October 18 2021

Loss of rates and the dollar does not stop the rise in deposits


The overall result of these movements was that the total of private deposits at a fixed term amounted to an average of little more than or $ 56,800 million

The partial data of the Central Bank of deposits in the banking system after the third week of January show a very dynamic growth of fixed-term placements in pesos by the private sector as a whole. The rate is close to 10% compared to the average for the same period of December: almost four times the inflation.

So far it seems that this is a natural phenomenon compared to such an interest rate, in a scenario in which the exchange rate has not only not stabilized, but has even declined .

Although the monetary authority went out to buy up to $ 390 million in the month, the currency is below the non-intervention zone.

In this period, private deposits in dollars also grew, which average in three weeks or $ s29.545 million. It is a record value that surpasses by more than 4% at the mid-level in the same section of December.

The overall result of these movements was that the total of fixed-term deposits in pesos and dollars in savings banks and also at a rate for longer time amounted to an average equivalent to little more of 56,800 million dollars, some or $ s3,700 million in just 30 days.

This way he approached the total equivalent to au $ s58,700 million a year earlier, when the placements in pesos represented a greater proportion due to the effect of the exchange rate arrears that I was watching then, as a strategy that once again showed its failure as an anchor of inflation.

In the first 3 weeks of January the total private depots in pesos and total in dollars rose in the equivalent of or $ s3.7 billion

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