Friday , October 7 2022

Macri goes to Santa Cruz for the first time | chronic


the president Mauricio Macri will visit the provinces of Terra del Foc and Santa Cruz this Monday, and will also be going through Chubut as the latest official activities in Argentina, before embarking on a trip to Brazil, where he will meet with the president on Wednesday Jair Bolsonaro, who took office less than two weeks ago.

The president arrived Sunday night in the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, with his wife, Juliana Awada, And the daughter of both, AntoniaWith those who planned to rest last night before starting their activities agenda, after the three weeks of rest that they shared in the country of Cumélén de Vila L & # 39; Angostura.

The agenda will start at 9, with the visit to the industrial precinct of the Newsan Group, a leading company in the manufacture of electrical appliances, with the managers will have a meeting before addressing the Wastewater Treatment Plant Arroyo Grande, in the same city, which are built with funds from the national state.

Surprisingly, a joint route with the governor could not be specified, Rosana Bertone, Who yielded the role of the president's companion to his vice. Shortly before midday, Macri will head for El Calafate, in Santa Cruz, where he will receive the Deputy Governor, Pablo González, The intendant Javier Belloni.

From there, he will travel to Condor Cliff and La Barrancosa, about 150 kilometers from El Calafate on the course of the Santa Cruz river, where he will take a tour of the works next to the governor Alicia Kirchner. The president's agenda will conclude with a second plane trip on the day, about 16, to the city of Puerto Madryn in Chubut, where will be the night for Tuesday start the day well, with an agenda that will include the participation of a party in favor of Canviem, and two meetings, with the table of fishing and tourism.

The president's visit to Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, for the first time since he assumed the presidency, will also have an electoral background in which he will seek to boost his candidates in these districts – governed by Peronism – and avoid any kind of protest.

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