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Mailen and a pain relief so much | chronic


After 32 days, Mailen Valley ended the isolation he was subjected to with his two children and his partner in a family home in the local town of Lake Puelo, after the death of his father and two sisters, victims of the # 39; hantavirus. The news was made known to her through her Facebook account in which she thanked her: "All those who were supportive at this time, everyone here knows what happened to me and my family and I do not want anyone."

The outbreak of hantavirus, which began on an anniversary of 15 in the town of Epuyen, killed his father Aldo Valle, to her sisters Loreley and Jéssica, and had the death of her grandmother and another brother, who were in intensive therapy although they managed to save themselves from the illness that already has, according to the latest report, 11 dead and 31 confirmed cases.

"It all started when my father went to a birthday in November and shared the table with a villager who obviously was with the virus, in fact he was with fever and the father started with fever and abdominal pain. Hospital de Epuyén and they moved to Esquel, where they told us that he was likely to have hantavirus, but we could go see it ", tell Mailen in a report that he gave to FM Sol de Esquel.

The fact that women exposed in the interview is that "we went to visit my father without a barbeque, they only made us put ice alcohol in our hands and we were with him, we even kissed him as a greeting, so it is very likely that my sisters, another brother who also it got infected and it recovered and my grandmother contagiessin here ".

According to Mailen, at the hospital "At the beginning they told us that the illness was not contagious from person to person and when my father my sister dies with fever and the symptoms, they derive her from Esquel and then she needs respiratory care and she also dies".

"After burying her in Epuyen, my brother begins to raise fever, but he saved his life; the point is that he, my grandmother and my other sister, stay for a few days at the cure and just before coming to my brother's fever, they also internalize and when they go to therapy they have difficulty to breathe and also die"He explained, and also warned:"I do not fear if we see ourselves buying me as my family without barber, because we are healthy thanks to God. "

"The history of the Vall family is heartbreaking and we are seeing how to do to mitigate so much suffering", Assured the assistant of Epuyén, Antonio Reato. Among other actions, it is processed that the widower of Jéssica Vall, Who worked as a doorman of a school and was a unique family supporter, could take his wife's place to raise their two children of 12 and 13, who lost their mother.

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