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Manny Pacquiao launches her 40-year-old risking Las Vegas – 2019.01.19


"I still feel passion for this sport and I still have this killer instinct and this fire in my eyes." The question has been transformed into a commonplace in recent months and the response that Manny Pacquiao has exposed over and over again to explain the reasons that still drive him to keep climbing a quadrilateral has not changed. Passion and a physicist who still performs well with superprofessionalism, amalgamation that He will allow, at 40, to return to Las Vegas to fight for a world title.

The Philippine will expose on Saturday at midnight (will pass Fox Premium Action from 23) His welter title of the World Boxing Association that won last year when knocking out the chubutense Lucas Matthysse. His rival in the first great evening of the year, that will be carried out at the MGM Grand of the Town of the SinIt will be the American Adrien Broner.

Shows of rock groups and gospel singers, raffles of performances and household appliances and thousands of guests, including the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, animated on December 17 a party in which Pacquiao celebrated its four decades of life in a mall of General Santos, his hometown. "I feel stronger, faster and wiser at age 40, as if I had 25"He said then.

Now he will play to prove it on the strings in a city that has not been presented more than two years ago (the last time it was in November 2016 against Jessie Vargas) and in a fight that It's been posed as an intermediate station before the highly anticipated revenge against Floyd Mayweather (The American won by points in 2015), announced until tired for this year but never confirmed.

PacMan, Who has a record of 60 wins (39 knockout), 7 defeats and 2 draws and was champion recognized by the great organisms of world boxing in six different divisions, is favorite in betting houses. This is supported by his curriculum, which includes some of the best boxers of the 21st century (Mayweather, Eric Morales, Juan Manuel Márquez, Oscar de la Hoya, Miguel Cotto), and his technique intact, which he exhibited in his latest presentation , when sweeps a blurred Matthysse in Kuala Lumpur in seven rounds. In addition, for this presentation he returned to work with Freddie Roach, the coach who led him to glory.

Doubts are centered on the effects of the passage of time and the lack of activity (he only made five fights over the past four years) on a punch that he has had at speed as a very important virtue. Much time has gone by and much wear has accumulated Pacquiao's body since its debut, 24 years ago, and since he achieved his first title of the world with a great knockout on the Thai Chatchai Sasakul in December 1998. And he His sting is not the same either: of his last 10 victories, he only won before the limit against Matthysse.

If for Pacquiao, that Friday gave the weight without problems (recorded 66.225 kilos, 400 grams below the limit of the category), this challenge is one more is a race full of great challenges, for Broner is the most important battle of His life, as he acknowledged Thursday. Because even though he is only 29, his erratic walking in recent seasons does not seem to offer many more opportunities on the big billboards if he fails to face the Philippine.

Sponsored by Floyd Mayweather (still handled by its developer), the problemAs they call it, it appeared in the dawn of the decade as one of the great hopes of American boxing and accumulated titles in the super-light, lightweight and welter categories. Until he crossed Marc Maidana. A tough defeat in front of Margarida's bomber in December 2013 put an end to her unbeaten and started a gray period in her career.


Since then, and beyond 2015 conquered the AMB's super lightweight scepter, things did not return to be as before for him. He added victories without glory and when he was going to face risky challenges, he failed: he was defeated clearly by Shawn Porter and Mickey Garcia. In addition, his name acquired much more presence in the media for his scandals and even some situations that were beleaguered by the law than by his actions. Now, with a 33-point service record (24 before the limit), 3 defeats and 1 draw, he knows that he has to rebuild.

"A victory against Pacquiao is necessary to relaunch my career. They all give it to him as a favorite, but I am focused on talking less trash and proving that I am a great boxer," said Broner, who registered 66,450 pounds in the weighing "He is a legend. He will always be recognized as one of the best in boxing. But I think that my moment has come to be the number one and I come to seize his throne," he risked, a little more cautious and respectful than usual

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