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Marcela Feudale intimate: "I never got the love of my life" – 11.07.2013


She possesses one of the most powerful laughter on television. Follow each night Marcelo Tinelli in the phrase ShovMatch, and has a rich experience in the middle. However, little is known about his private life, since Marcela Feudale is characterized by a low profile.

That's why he surprised the open interview he worked for the cycle Shov Shov, which Ulises Jaitt performs on Radio Urbani on Monday at 20:00 He spoke about intimate and personal matters. From love to motherhood.

Radio Marcela Feudale conducts a program on Rivadavia Radio. Photo: Lucia Merle

Radio Marcela Feudale conducts a program on Rivadavia Radio. Photo: Lucia Merle

"I am alone, without the chongos, the absolute absence of male sex. I have seven thousand things and everything is very complicated. One is in the head to see how to resist all the economic attacks we have, "Feudale replied before he asked if it was in pairs.

After the speaker and panelist expanded the concept: "I never got the love of my life. I was in love twice: once I was very stupid and this boy, I suffered and suffered a lot when we cut it off because it left me. When I was a big girl, I was in love, and the rest were comics. I was unfaithful, I do not believe in fidelity, we are heavenly by nature, it depends on the case in order to forgive the inhumanity. "

In addition, he explained why he had never had children. "I would not like to be a mother. It was not something I programmed in my life as a mother, I felt that it took a lot of freedom. Today I put it another way, but if I was now a mom, it would be too big when a teenager and I do not know if he will understand his time. I would suffer a lot, "he claims.

Marcela admitted it "The worst moment of my life was when my old man died", and discussed current issues such as gender violence, sexual harassment, abortion law, and others.

Feudale and Lourdes Sanchez fight.

Feudale and Lourdes Sanchez fight.

"I suffered psychological violence, threatening to tell you, "Look, do it because it's bothering me," it's some type of violence. It should be pressed for someone to act in a certain way. "

"I have a distorting figure that is configured as something else, It's disturbing when you say not from the beginning and you will be haunted forever. Sometimes they consider harassing the game of love. "

The Law on Abortion said that "In favor of decriminalization, there are many women who do not have information or opportunities to know many things that are related to having no abortion. "

The death penalty was blunt: "I'm not about it because Argentine justice is a disaster, then he will complain, like a bullet that Cocker refused on the sidewalk and killed a thief. We do not know if Nisman was killed or committed suicide.

He also mentioned the anecdote that he had to live on the paranormal situation: "One of my friends many years ago stopped to see him, One day I worked and I felt the hand that touched me, I automatically remember your phone number, When I came home I invited him and did not attend, and after 3 days I found out that he died.

Feudale also gave your opinion on the legalization of marijuana: "With the issue of narcotics consumption, I have a problem with the problem that occurs to me. When a person has resources to deal with her, she can not be destroyed, when legalization means that children are consuming puffs, they will be able to consume it, what they say: "Being drugged is divine" are an apology. As a society we are not ready. "

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