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Memories and tributes to 14 years of Cromanyó | chronic


Families, friends and survivors of the Cologne Republic fireball, in which they died 14 years ago 194 people and more than 1,400 were injured, they participated this Sunday of the annual Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral, while at At night there will be recitals and artistic interventions to remember them.

From the 17, the relatives were slowly approaching, who were confused with the dozens of tourists who visited the Cathedral, to participate in the mass that was presided over by the co-adjoining archbishop of San Juan, Jorge Lozano, Next to the cardinal of Buenos Aires, Mario Poli.

"Faith in God is not something that each person lives on his side, it is a gift of God that lives in a community, which ties us fraternally. We, 14 years ago, began to bind us in a way especially the pain, but the founding is the "love"Lozano said while a group of parents distributed candles that would be lit to accompany the tribute.

The archbishop pointed out that the pain "You can encourage yourself in the search of God", And what "Facing this way makes life not arid but fertile ground, since love strengthens us ".

"We continue with faith because we also accompany each other. We must renew the hope and remember that the love of God never leaves us"Lozano expressed.

Maria Rosa, Who lost her daughter baratta solitude In the tragedy and participated in the mass, he affirmed that "Time does not calm the pain."

"It is an absence that does more harm every year. Coming to the Mass is a restraint, one has this faith that helps you to live. Nothing was the same again in the lives of all those who go through it, but we're still fighting "She told the woman.

For his part, Raúl, who is still suffering from the death of his daughter, Sofia, in the bowling alley located in the Buenosairean district of Once, where on December 30, 2004, the band of Callejeros appeared, explained to this one agency that "At this time of year they fall into a state of sadness and memory."

"We come all the time trying to pilot it, trying to make us strong but when this time comes we unfortunately fall into a state of memory, sadness, to remember what happened and what was fought"He expressed excitement.

To this recital they had assisted, besides Sofia, their brothers Martin and Santiago, who survived. "Sofia was 17 when I lost her. My children Martín and Santiago, aged 19 and 15, survived", He remembered

And completed: "The best part is that we know many survivors who were very bad and now they are well. They have projects and hope, and this gives us strength to parents to follow".

After the mass, families marched to the sanctuary of Onze, in front of which they would perform a series of artistic interventions and musical presentations.

"Families for Life" This evening of activities will also be held at the sanctuary, where at 2250 there will be 194 candles in honor of the victims.

the grouping "Coordinator x Cromanyó" he made the festival "Cromanyó passed us all" in the place of the town of Tapiales, in Velez Sarsfield and Humaitá, whereas from the 18th organization "Do not tell us Cromanyó" He made a Centennial Park festival under the slogan "#EducarEsCombatir".

The pain of relatives (Pablo Villán-Diario Crónico).

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