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Message to the Red Circle: the dome of the PRO mounted a photo "to ratify the candidature" by Maurici Macri – 2019.04.30


In times of exchange volatility, the dome of Macrism sought to give a message of unity and Pineapple after the candidature of Maurici Macri to re-election. It was in a match in which the main swords of the three districts governed by the PRO gathered and that resulted in a weight photo. Prior to unemployment, it was more addressed to the Red Circle, From where he insists on the postulation of Maria Eugènia Vidal, the so-called "Plan V"; That the opposition unions.

With Vidal, the Cabinet chief, Marcos Peña; and the head of Buenosairean Government, Horaci Rodríguez Larreta, at the head, joined dinner this Monday 12 front line civil servants of Nation, Province and the CityIn what was a fate of the extended national PRO table. In the house of the provincial security minister, Cristian Ritondo, by Nation were Interior Minister Rogelio Frigerio and his deputy, Sebastià García de Luca; and the Secretary General of the Presidency, Fernando de Andreis. From La Plata, the head of Cabinet of Buenos Aires, Federico Salvai; the Minister of Government, Joaquín de la Torre; and the viceroy of Vicente López, Jorge Macri.

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Next to Larreta, the City Council, Diego Santillian, was sitting at the table; and the holder of the Francisco Quintana Legislature. he Only absent was the president of the PRO and national senator Humberto Schiavoni, Who was in Missions, led to his campaign for government.

"Together working for re-election # MM2019," he summarized Macri's cousin with a tweet – and a picture of the meaning of the meeting. Indeed, the opportunity to perform at the beginning of the week, in which the Government obtained a strong support from the International Monetary Fund In his attempt to prevent the dollar from firing, he obeyed the need of the Casa Rosada to leave behind speculation around the candidacy of Macri. "It was exclusively for that," one of the protagonists of the meeting was honored. Peña himself, almost as the head of the campaign, made this point before the rest of the guests: "We must ratify the candidature of Macri".

Anyway, forwards there will be much more. It's that the meeting It was the first of several which will take place in the coming weeks, before the closing of lists. As in 2017, in this table you will define the lists of deputies and senators who will hang on the candidature of Macri.

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"The message we wanted to give is that We are all behind the candidature of Mauritius. It is firm and at no time, despite the comments that were made in the media, another possibility was analyzed, "said one of the diners.

That maybe motivated by Monday's changing peace, the weather was more relaxed than other times: Tension was noticed that overflowed in the last few weeks the link between Peña, Vidal and Larreta. "There was no margin for discussion: we did not even speak of names for the lists," relieved another protagonist. More: Vidal was the first to take the order and fulfill the order of Peña. In the act of Tuesday this made it clear that he is "to accompany those of Buenos Aires and the President during the next four years." This Tuesday he would add the additions he is willing to put: "Harp and heart."

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Back to the meeting of the dome, the intern with the Radical Civic Union had a chapter but only at the provincial level. It was when Salvai explained that the Deputy Governor, Daniel Salvador, realized that in Buenosairean territory the support of radicalism is not in doubt.

At the national level, it was pointed out that in the end it looks less stingy than before the announcements made by Macri to contain the radical governors: Penya was optimistic about what will happen in the National Convention. Maybe by distrust, No one was encouraged to raise the voice against the popes Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales.

Between meat and salads, with little wine and many light drinks (it was decided to accompany the host minister in their diet), national officials explained details of the economic measures that the Government had taken to control the dollar. "The balance was very positive. Marc suggested that despite the volatility, this would have to stabilize"He trusted a meeting voice.


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