Sunday , May 22 2022

Millions of Euros that will pay with all the tastes of the world


After the goal he scored in the Bombonera, most fans A river she began to look with greater affection Lucas Pratto. It was the one who made it Mouth, a goal worth three or four, at least in the hearts of the public millionaire. The Bear They watched him from the corner of his eye by many supporters, who were expecting a higher share in points after they came from San Pablo in January the most expensive footballer in club history: 11.5 million euros. Pratto scored ten goals in 39 games he played with a red stripe shirt, giving an average of 0.25 per game. But the one who became the Copa Libertadores final for the 1: 1 part against Boka had a much greater symbolic value because it was the most important international series in the history of the river.

In this context, The leaders of the river are the protagonists of the paradox. They want – in fact they want, in fact, that the Pratto passage becomes more expensive One million euros. Why? Jer it is an additional figure that they agreed to pay San Pablo if the river is dedicated to the champion of Libertadores.

The purchase of Pratta was agreed at 11,500,000 euros, which could be transformed into a total of 13,000,000 if two circumstances were met: 1,000,000 euros more if the River receives the Cup and Bear plays at least half of the games, something that is filled more than enough because he participated in thirteen team matches; i another 500,000 euros in total millionaire stays with the current Superliga. "That would be the money we paid with more satisfaction in the world", he said Infobae one of the main leaders of the river, is aware of the sporting and economic importance of the conquest of Libertadores.

If you receive the current edition of the Cup, River will immediately ensure your participation in the next year, which would give you a relief to your money back treasury, which will also give you a classification for the World Cup in the club that will be played in the Arab Emirates next month. Otherwise, you will need to find a map for the next Libertadores through Argentina Cup, in which the framework will face Gymnastics and fencing La Plata for one of the semifinals Wednesday 28th of this month in Mar del Plata. Copa Argentina already has its first finalist: Rosario Central, whose river has won the decisive stage in 2016.

Pratto scored four goals in the ongoing Libertadores: before Emelec, Independiente Santa Fe de Bogot√°, Racing and Boca. Marcelo Gallardo is worth much to do with his game, apart from the fact that the coach often likes not to go far away from the rival area. The Doll he appreciates the effort Pratto has made to return the ball and hit the opposing team at the beginning, the ability to hold the ball and return to the goal, as well as to take the ball with the criteria: Since his arrival, he has given nine assistants.

In the 30s, the feeling is that the attacker is a little resilient for resale, although there are few on the river who hope to continue their career in a Chinese football game later, or return to an important club in Brazil. Prato signed a contract with River until June 30, 2022.

In the first half of the year, Rodolfo Dino Onofrio said at a meeting of the Board of Directors – in parallel with some of the criticisms that were heard about the high amount that the river paid to Pratt – that the attacker was the only condition that Gallardo had taken to the January Market Pass. "That's the only thing I want," said the club's president, coach. However, at the beginning of the year, three other players arrived on the river: Franco Armani, Bruno Zuculini and Colombian Juan Fernando Kuintero.

On Saturday, August 24, against Boka in the Monumental, Pratto will face the most important chances for his sporting life: he came to a river seduced by the presence of Gallardo and his desire to win once in Libertadores. He was never as close as he is now. Money, in this case, goes to an absolute second plane. How much River should pay one million euros more to San Pablo.

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