Tuesday , September 27 2022

Miramar: a woman reported being abused in the campsite near El Peach


one woman of 28 years report in the last hours that at the dawn of Friday 11 a neighbor of the campsite The Peach of Miramar surprised her next to two people and she abused her in the middle of the street.

According to police sources, the victim said that last Friday morning he dropped a microphone on Route 11 and at the height of Ballester Street, It was a surprise for three men.

Always on the basis of the victim's story, this one would have managed to recognize one of the aggressors as one neighboring the area, 20 years of age, with whom he struggled and what she ended up abusing her, Leaving-pulled to the side of the route.

In this case, the Miramar Decentralized UFI is in charge of the prosecutor Alejandra Sales, That after being informed of the complaint, he obtained the obtaining of images of security cameras and different diligences to the place where the facts would have happened.

"I have a complaint but nothing more than a complaint, against a person in the vicinity of the camping The Peach"He told her to Infobae Rooms He also added that there are no detainees at the moment and he maintained that the facts "They are a matter of research, which is why we can not give more details".

In addition to the first transcendent about what happened, he emphasized: "I want to deny the things that are coming out in some media, which were 5 people, What was it inside a campsite and what intervene an act, Nothing is real. "

The representative of the Public Ministry is also in charge of the investigation of the events that took place in El Préssec camping at dawn new Year, when five Marplatians were accused of raping a minor to the interior of the farm.

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