Monday , October 18 2021

Missions are concerned with the appearance of monkeys killed by yellow fever in South Brazil


Minister of Health Walter Villalba- Radio Freedom.

The Minister of Health of the province, Walter Villalba, told in Radio Liberty that "cases of monkeys killed by yellow fever were confirmed in the state of Paraná, which marks the extension to the South which is having the outbreak in Brazil ". "This is worrying because Missions and Currents are the gateway to this disease, which has high lethality," he said.

In this regard, the provincial official said that this week "we will have meetings with Brazil specialists and we will see what joint policies we can take."

Villalba insisted that Epidemiology was working hard in these months, not only about what happens in Brazil with yellow fever but also to be aware of cases of dengue, hantavirus and leptospirosis. "At this time no more cases of dengue have been added, while we are examining four cases as hantavirus suspects, although we consider that it is another pathology. And we must expect results from Santa Fe about two possible cases of leptospirosis, "he explained.


The case of Sant Pipó, known several days ago, where the headmaster Mabel Cáceres resorted to social networks to get a doctor who attended the community, was also analyzed by Minister Villalba. "Finding physicians who want to settle in the interior is not easy, for the professional is an important decision, and for this reason the Province decided to train professionals. Through the Catholic University of Missions, with private policies and public that will solve this problem in depth ". "We have to adapt to the times, when we were formed there was another mystique, another commitment, now it's different, so we have to find a way to seduce professionals. As a present state, we must offer better revenues and Chances of being progressively academically developed, all this is done, it's working and the result will be seen in some years. "

In this regard, he added that "this year, primary care residences have the possibility of having a differentiated tariff and this will attract residents in our province, although we must be cautious and responsible in the # 39; administration of the economic resource ".

Finally, the official indicated that during 2018 there were problems with the acquisition of some inputs and even with the arrival of some vaccines, but that the situation was not it is normalizing. "There were disadvantages in June and July last year, after the exchange rate run, the same thing happened with some vaccines. The country's economic situation is far from predictable and that is why the provision was complicated, but it's normalizing. Its own effort was made, to meet Missing the Nation, "he concluded.


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