Monday , June 27 2022

Mortal infants due to neglect: what happened to parents in the United States and Spain


"You are dead, you are dead!", they shouted at the man in Santos Lugars, who is returning to his car, in Santos Lugars. As he began to shock himself with what he heard, he reached his vehicle and confirmed the worst: his daughter no longer had vital signs. She died suffocated tied to babies.

According to police sources, he would have forgotten a few hours locked in the car. As a result, a 36-year-old man was arrested at the order of the prosecutor, Alejandre Aillaud, of UFI Nº1 de San Martin. Now she will face the cause of her daughter's miscarriage, which is barely a year old.

What happened recently in the world with cases of parents who mistreated their children to the extreme?

At the end of October in Iowa, the United States, the trial of Zachari Koehnu, the father of a baby of only four months of life, died of dehydration and malnutrition. The authorities also decided that both Koen and his mother were guarded by the security forces during the trial.

Finally, this Tuesday was found guilty of "killing and abusing children with a lethal outcome", indicated New Herald. This sentence implies lifelong imprisonment. The start of the trial for the mother, 21 years old.

Also in October there was a case very similar to that in Santos Lugars, but in Florida, in the United States. The mother for over eight hours had forgotten the child in the car and died of a heat stroke.

Emili Bird, 34, was arrested on charges of seriously killing a minor, her son, as it indicated at that time Miami Herald.

In Madrid, Spain, there was another fact with common features. In this case, the father forgot a 21-month-old baby in a car for several hours. The man had to take her to the nursery of his job, but when he reached the destination, he forgot and went right into his tasks. The girl was unconscious in the car and finally died.

Father charged with "reckless murder", according to the Spanish portal 20minutes. The police retained it, but it was investigated and finally awaiting the development of the trial at large.

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